The Pacesetter

Carl Fisher was a daredevil built for speed.
A visionary who laid the foundations of America's highways.
An innovator who saw what our nation could become.

He was responsible for the these Great American Landmarks:
The Indy 500, The Dixie Highway, The Lincoln Highway, Miami Beach and Montauk New York.

Discover his fascinating, untold story in The Pacesetter.

“{Carl G. Fisher} the Miami Beach Film is one of my favorites among all that we've done on the American Experience....But if the film has brought The Pacesetter more attention that's all to the good.” 

– David McCullough –

“ ... A fascinating book about a fascinating but forgotten man. 

This is a cards-on-the-table biography. The Pacesetter is heavily notated and draws on hundreds of sources to light the shadows of a marketing genius who shunned the spotlight...”

The Indianapolis Star –

( **** Four Star Rating)


“{The Pacesetter} was written.... to offset a general lack of biographical information....

Extensively researched, it gives significant detail about Fisher's projects. Fisher's achievements deserve to be documented...”

Library Journal

“Carl G. Fisher was a fabulously eccentric self-made man...

“His life should be as well-known as Ford’s (or indeed Capone’s) yet it had been lost until this fine book was written. Enjoy.”

- Hubert O'Hearn,
San Diego Book Review